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City of Lafayette Mayor, JD Mangat

City of Lafayette Councilor, Tonya Briggs

City of Lafayette Councilor, Nicole Samson

City of Lafayette City Councilor, Brian Wong

House District 10 State Representative and City of Boulder Council Member, Junie Joseph


                   "Council Member Tim Barnes is an excellent leader with a broad vision to protect and

                      promote the rights of all community members in Lafayette. He has been faithful and

                      diligent in his duties and it makes sense for the people of Lafayette to re-elect him to

                      ensure that the city continue in this right course of ensuring safety and security of all.

                     A vote for Councilor Barnes is a vote for a secure and safe Lafayette for all. "

City of Boulder Mayor, Aaron Brockett

City of Boulder Council Member, Lauren Folkerts

De Los Andes Empanadas

Press Release

Lafayette Professional Fire Fighters Local 4620
International Association of Fire Fighters, AFL-CIO
839 Old Wagon Trail Cir
Lafayette, CO 80026
Doug Hurst, Local 4620 Union President
Telephone: (303) 748-8840
For Immediate Release


                    Lafayette, SEP. 22 – Firefighters and paramedics today announced their support of

                    Tim Barnes, David Fridland, JD Mangat and Eric Ryant for Lafayette City Council.
                    These candidates are energetic and advocate initiatives that help our community
                    firefighters better protect the public from the ravages of fire and other disasters. At the
                    same time, they have been sensitive to the dangers firefighters face on the job and the
                    need to protect their health and safety.
ese candidates and firefighters have a shared vision for Lafayette that goes well
                    beyond public safety. Firefighters are also citizens and we too want a strong economy,
                    good schools, safe streets, affordable health care, and a clean environment. We believe
                    that these candidates are the people who can best lead the city in the right direction for
                    the years to come.

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