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Thank You!

It was an honor to be the first African American to be elected to the Lafayette Colorado City Council. The challenges of helping guide the city through major changes and emergencies was humbling and educational. I truly respect every member of our local government and respectfully ask for your support to complete my goals with a second term.

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Successes and Challenges

Three months after being sworn in to Council, the COVID global pandemic changed life as we knew it and I worked with the experienced Councilors to navigate the city forward. Five months into 2020 George Floyd and Brianna Taylor's deaths deeply moved me to question human civility, personally changing the way I viewed equity. Eight months later the cyber infrastructure of our city was held for ransom, offering a chance to learn how a city command and control, operations and services are rebuilt.

In the fall of 2020, our seasoned city administrator convened a second council retreat to allow us to reestablish our priorities in the new norm. Since that time major changes in the city's staff and development of strategic plans, informed by studies have moved the city even further from what I saw in the winter of 2020. I have seen major changes in Lafayette over the last four years and complete my vision of setting a plan to retain the ability for residents to work or age in place in affordable and attainable housing, hold onto the vibe that makes people want to live here though continued community building, and have the city and residents embrace the Sustainability Department and Sustainability Resilience Advisory Commission supported first Climate Action Plan for Lafayette. 


I am open to talk about the future of this wonderful City.

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